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How to Do a Bob & Weave Squat

Learn how to do a bob-and-weave squat from personal trainer Layla Luciano in this Howcast thighs workout video.


Hey. I'm Layla and this is the bob and weave squat.

So, in your bob and weave squat you're going to start off in a squatting position. Your feet are a little bit wider than shoulder width apart, toes pointing forward.

You're going to start off squatting down. And now, in your bob and weave, similar it's a boxing move, you're going to shift one way. Shift your weight from one side to the other side. Making sure that in between that you're squatting down.

Start off standing on one side and then squat down, up. Just like that. Down and up. Down and up. Down and up.

So, make sure every time your stand up you shift all the weight to that side. Down, shift the weight to one side. Down, shift the weight to the other side.

So, this is a really great exercise for those quads, for that butt, all of that thigh area we'll be working here.

This is also a good exercise to get that cardio aspect into it. You can take this exercise even faster, making sure that your keep the hips back and the knees aligned with the ankles.

You come all the way down. Down, up. Down, up. Down, up. Just like that.

One thing that I really love to do with bob and weave squat is, since it is a boxing move, to throw in a hook, a jab, cross, anything, any kind of punch you want to throw.

So, every time you pop up to one side you can add a hook, a punch, anything you want here.

The hook is really going to get your obliques. Every time you hook that arm across you're going to feel it in that oblique that you're working.

So, you take it down, hook. Down, hook. Just like that.

And that's how you do the bob and weave squat.

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