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How to Do a Single Leg T-Squat

Learn how to do a single leg t-squat from personal trainer Layla Luciano in this Howcast thighs workout video.


Hey, I'm Layla and this is the Single Leg T-Squat. In your Single Leg T-Squat, you're going to stand with your feet shoulder width apart. We're going to shift our weight just to one leg so, we are going to be in a single leg squat. We're going to bring the other leg back behind us and as you squat you're going to shift your hips back, keeping all the weight on the leg that's in front. Keeping all the weight on the heel. As you squat down, you're going to push that back leg back behind you and just squat straight down. So you're staying in almost a T-shape here with the back leg. You're squatting all the way down up up, just like that, trying to keep that back leg up high the entire time. Keeping it up here, squat straight down and up, down and up.

This is really going to isolate the muscles on whichever side is standing in front for that T-squat. It going to be the quad and a lot of the back of the leg. The gluts the hamstring and also the quads in the front as well. You want to make sure that as your squatting down in your T-squat, your abs stay nice and tight. Your core is tight so that your body is stable here. This is a very unstable position to be in, so this exercise is also good for core stability and working on strengthening your core as well.

Again, you're going to start off all the way out. All the weight is on one leg and you're just going to squat down and up, down and up on that front leg and the switch to the other side. Same way, squatting down then up, down and up. And that is how you do a Single Leg T-squat.

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