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How to Do a Kneeling Roundhouse Kick

Learn how to do a kneeling roundhouse kick from personal trainer Layla Luciano in this Howcast thighs workout video.


Hey, I'm Layla, and I'm going to show you a Kneeling Roundhouse Kick. You're going to start off kneeling down on your mat. Make sure when you're kneeling, your shoulders are aligned with your wrist here, and your knees are directly under your hip area. We're just going to start off with one leg out to the side right here, and then we're just going to extend the leg all the way out and then bring it right back. You're just kicking out to the side, and then bringing it right back in. Kick out to the side, bring it right back in.

This exercise really targets that glute and the outer hip area here, which is also a part of your thighs. You're going to bring that knee up, kick out, bring it back, kick out, bring it back. I recommend doing ten to 12 reps on either side. Other side, take the knee out to the side, kick it out, bring it back. Out, and bring it back. For this exercise, make sure whichever leg you're working, you keep all the body weight on that side, so if you're working the left side, you don't want to let your weight shift over to one side. You can place both hands together to make it a little bit easier, and make sure you keep that weight on the left side, if that's the leg that you're working. You really focus on targeting that glute and that hip area on that left side. That's how you do the Kneeling Roundhouse Kick.

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