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How to Do a Standing Front Thigh Stretch

Learn how to do a standing front thigh stretch from personal trainer Layla Luciano in this Howcast thighs workout video.


Hey, I'm Layla, and I'm going to show you the Standing Front Thigh Stretch. Simply, you're going to just have all your weight on one leg. You're going to take your opposite leg, grab onto your toe, and hold that leg right back behind you, just like this. Here, you're focusing on stretching out the front of that thigh. The higher that you bring your heel to your butt, the more you're going to feel it in that front thigh area, just like that. You're going to feel that stretch all throughout the front of that leg. Make sure you're standing up nice and tall, not slouching over, shoulders back, chest up, abs tight, just like that. Just hold there for ten to 20 seconds, really get a nice stretch in that thigh.

Then switch to the other side, just standing there holding that leg, standing up nice and tall, and that's it. This stretch is really good to do after your workout. If you're been doing a lot of leg exercises, a lot of squats, a lot of lunges, this is really good exercise to really get that stretch in the front of that leg area. If you feel yourself a little bit too unstable here to really focus on this stretch, you can do this right in front of a wall. Just hold onto the wall here with one hand. This way, you can really just focus on that quad instead of your balance. That's how you do the Standing Front Thigh Stretch.

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