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What's the Best Cardio for Thin Thighs?

Learn what is the best cardio exercise for thin thighs from personal trainer Layla Luciano in this Howcast thighs workout video.


Hey, I'm Layla and I'm going to talk to you about how to do cardio exercises for slimmer thighs. The best cardio exercise for anything targeting the legs is running, any kind of running; on the treadmill, outdoors, any kind of running. My personal favorite type of running is interval training on the treadmill. It's a really effective and efficient way to slim down those thighs as fast as you possibly can.

So I'll give you a little sequence. You can start off with a one-minute jog, where you're just jogging at a slow pace. And then you want to take that speed up to a little bit faster, to a running pace, for another minute. Then, right after that, you want to give yourself a big, full push, a full-out sprint, for thirty seconds to a minute. Then right after that, take it right back down to recover. You can walk it out a little bit on the treadmill for about a minute. That quick change of pace is going to really get those thighs slimmer in a faster amount of time. You can do that kind of sequence, you can do a sprint-run-sprint - a thirty-second sprint on the treadmill, sprinting out as fast as you can, right back into a thirty-second run, taking a little bit of a lighter pace than that sprint at a running speed, and then right back up to another thirty-second sprint, again giving that full burst of energy for that entire thirty seconds, and then, right after that, taking it back down to that one-minute walk or recovery/cool-down time.

Running outside, I like to jog for about five to ten minutes then take my pace up to a faster running pace for another five minutes and then take it back down to a jog for another five to ten minutes. So all together you're working, constantly running or jogging, for about twenty to twenty-five minutes. That, paired with your toning exercises, is going to be the perfect combination to really slim down and tone up those thighs.

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