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Best Exercise Routine for Thin Thighs

Learn what's the best weekly exercise routine for thin thighs in this thighs workout video from Howcast.


Hey, I'm Layla and I'm going to tell you a little bit about some great weekly routines for your thighs.

So, a lot of people tend to focus on one body part that they want better but, unfortunately, that's not how it works. You can't just target just the thighs and get great thighs and not work on everything else. So a real balanced weekly routine is going to be your best bet, which includes some cardio, some toning, and some stretching.

So, I like to do a mix of either cardio, so running on a treadmill is great for thighs or just running outside. Great for your legs in general. Or spin classes. Spin classes are amazing for your quads, for that thigh area, get that muscle tone going right away, and it's also really good cardio activity as well. I would say, you can do cardio almost every day. I would give yourself a break. Usually I like to do cardio for three to four times a week and then a squats, lunges type routine for just my thighs every other day so that I give my muscles a chance to rest.

Stretching, I like to do yoga at least three times a week to make sure I keep my muscles long and limber and I don't get too tight in my leg area. But, all in all, all of that is going to work your entire body as well. Just focusing on those specific exercises for toning purposes for the legs every other day is what's going to really target the thighs if that's your problem area or the area that you want to work the most, but I would say definitely doing cardio at least three to four times a week is going to be very beneficial. Then also, diet. Making sure that your diet is very healthy every single day. That you can't cheat on.

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