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What's a Forest Turtle?

Learn about forest turtles from veterinarian Alix Wilson in this Howcast video.


So when you're sending up an enclosure and taking care of a turtle from a temperate forest type environment, and that's often in this country will be various types of box turtles, you do want to pay special attention to the humidity, the lighting, and the heat requirements of these turtles. Again, picking out the appropriate size enclosure. You want the biggest enclosure that you can get. You want the animal to be able to move around comfortably within the enclosure and get plenty of exercise. You want to provide a heated basking area. You want the turtle to be able to regulate its own body temperature by moving throughout the enclosure, from warm to cool areas based on what it needs. The other thing that's important is the addition of ultraviolet light. If you're housing a reptile, a turtle or tortoise indoors, you need to provide those with special light bulbs. UVB light is very important for vitamin D synthesis and normal calcium metabolism in these turtles.

The other thing that's slightly different with turtles living in the more forest type environments would be humidity, and the humidity's going to be higher than your desert species. You want to maintain that by misting, providing large water bowls, and possibly large plants and moist substrates. The other thing that's very important for caring for any sort of tortoise or turtle would be providing with adequate diet. You need to look up what the normal guide is for your species in the wild and try and replicate it as best you can.

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