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How to Clean a Land Turtle Tank

Learn how to clean a land turtle tank in this Howcast video featuring veterinarian Alix Wilson.


So when you're cleaning out your land turtle's enclosure, probably the main thing you want to focus on is the cleanliness of the substrate or the material that you have, lying in the bottom of the tank. So if you're using something simple like, paper towels or cage paper, it's going to be pretty easy to clean those out, as they get soiled. If you're using wood chips or dirt, sand or some other material like that, again, you want to try and spot clean the area. So if the animal goes to the bathroom, you can clean those areas directly, and then you should also be changing out the entire later of substrate one to two times a month, again, depending on the size of your tank and how many animals are in that enclosure.

When we keep reptiles in captivity, we're often trying to create a more humid environment than one that we may live in. Keep in mind that some of those more porous substrates can absorb water, and if you combine that with the extra heat added for the basking area for the reptile, you can actually create some bacterial and fungal growths in the substrate. So while you do want to maintain a humid environment, you also want to be sure the substrate is clean.

When you're wiping down the sides of the tank or cleaning out cage accessories, again, you can use soap and water but, make sure you rinse everything very well and do not use any harmful cleaners actually, around the pet. So those are some tips to consider when you are cleaning out your land turtle's enclosure.

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