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Turtle Terrarium Tips

Pick up some turtle terrarium tips from veterinarian Alix Wilson in this Howcast video.


So there are many different types of products and things you can even make yourself at home to provide enrichment in your turtle's enclosure.

Again, reptiles need enrichment in their life just as much as any other animal. There are products that range from natural types of cage accessories, like branches, leaves, moss, different types and sizes of water bowls, and things that they can actually submerge and swim in.

There are many types of foods now available as well for your turtle. Providing a varied diet is very important. Again, it is difficult for us to replicate the diet of a turtle or tortoise in captivity, but there are certainly many things you can try. There are a lot of formulated commercial diets these days and other commercial products that will hopefully tempt your turtle's appetite.

Those are some terrarium tips for enriching your reptile's enclosure.

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