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What's a Musk & Mud Turtle?

Learn about the musk and mud turtle from veterinarian Alix Wilson in this Howcast video.


So, musk and mud turtles are found throughout North, Central and South America. They're relatively a small species of aquatic turtle, so they're one of the easier species to keep in captivity, because their enclosures don't have to be so large.

Because they're found in so many different climates, it is important that you figure out what species of turtle you are planning to acquire so that you can adjust its water temperature and basking temperatures appropriately. Musk turtles and mud turtles, just like other aquatic turtles, need an area of their setup to come out onto land to bask and have exposure to ultraviolet light.

They are carnivorous, and again in the wild they'd be eating shellfish, small fish, aquatic invertebrates. And we try and mimic that in captivity. We like to provide a varied diet, but they can also take to commercial pellets, aquatic turtle pellets.

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