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What's a Razorback Musk Turtle?

Learn about the razorback musk turtle from veterinarian Alix Wilson in this Howcast video.


So the razorback musk turtle is native here in North America. They are found in the central south U .S. They are an aquatic turtle.

They actually stay relatively small in size, so they are a turtle that you could keep indoors if you wanted to. They require a basic aquatic setup, with a land area that they can come out and bask in. They require heat. They require a source of ultraviolet light, and they are also carnivores.

So again, in their natural environment, they'd be eating small fish, aquatic invertebrates, snails, things like that. In captivity, we can feed them those things if you can find them. Otherwise, there are some commercial aquatic turtle pellets that they will take to.

It's recommended that the basking temperature be quite warm, 90, 95 degrees, and that you heat the water to between 75 and 80 degrees.

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