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What's a Yellow-Bellied Slider?

Learn about the yellow-bellied slider from veterinarian Alix Wilson in this Howcast video.


So, yellow-bellied sliders are similar in appearance to the red-eared slider.

They're native to the southeast of the U. S. They love the warm weather, and they're an aquatic species. So, again, we're going to find them in slow moving streams and ponds. They do come out of the water to bask and dry off in the sun.

When we're keeping them as pets, again, we need to provide a standard aquatic environment. Again, a fish tank is good for a hatchling or youngster. And then, as their size increases you may have to upgrade to a plastic tub or some sort of custom made pond. They need an area in their aquatic enclosure to come out onto the land and dry off. And bask. Their recommended basking temperature is 90 degrees or slightly higher. And you want to keep the daytime temperature around 75 or 80 at the cooler side of the enclosure.

Water heaters are also recommended. Keeping the water temperature between 75 and 80 degrees is ideal. And, again, they can be messy turtles when they eat, and they also produce a lot of waste. So, a water filter is also recommended.

They do fairly well on aquatic turtle, pelleted, or commercial foods. You can also feed them small fish and insects, dried shrimp, frozen shrimp; things like that as treats in captivity.

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