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Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 46 - Paint it Black

Check out this walkthrough for Far Cry 3 by Ubisoft and learn how to get through the Paint it Black mission


Jason: That thing is huge. Better have enough explosives.

Man 1: He's on cover!

Man 2: Fire! Fire!

Man 3: I'll make it quick!

Man 4: Help me!

Jason: You're about to have zero bars, Hoyt. Sam, that's it. The C4's in place. Where are you?

Sam: The cavalry is coming, my friend. Defend those explosives until I get there and everything will be A-OK.

Man 5: Help me!

Man 6: Help me!

Man 7: Fire! Fire!

Man 8: Oh shit!

Man 9: You got no chance, man. No chance.

Man 10: He's behind cover!

Man 11: We're attacking superiority, give it up!

Man 12: What the?!

Man 13: It's only a matter of time before we get you!

Man 14: It's not our choppers, take it out!

Sam: Stop wasting time! Get in! Here's the grenade, motherfucker! Like Christmas in Berlin. Now, I cannot return to the airstrip with you inside.

Jason: I can handle it.

Sam: Meet me at the fuel depot. We're going to have some fun. Here we go. Eins, zwei, drei, jump, jump!

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