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Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 47 - Black Gold

Check out part 48 of this walkthrough for Far Cry 3 by Ubisoft and learn how to get through the Black Gold mission


Dennis: Jason.

Jason: Dennis, I found my brother. He's alive.

Dennis: What about Hoyt?

Jason: I have a plan to kill him. He has my brother. Riley needs my help.

Dennis: Jason, you are a warrior of the Rakyat. Let go of your past. These ties to your family make you weak.

Jason: He's my brother.

Dennis: Remember, we are your family now.

Jason: Tools of the trade?

Sam: Party favors. I've been waiting to light this place up, as we Americans say, for a very long time.

Jason: Sam, you're American?

Sam: Yeah! My father was in the Navy SEALS. I was born when he was stationed in Texas and then he was relocated back to Deutschland.

Jason: Oh, Uncle Sam. I get it.

Sam: Yeah. One of the founding fathers, I think.

Jason: You might want to look that up.

Sam: Forget it. Let's put some candles on this cake. Drive to the oil reservoirs. I'll cover with the 50 cal. Blitzkrieg!

Man 1: What the hell?!

Man 2: I'm going to crush you!

Man 3: Holy crap!

Man 4: You'll pay for that!

Man 5: I'll make it quick!

Man 6: What the?! They got to vehicle!

Sam: Finally after all these years, I get to take them to the cleaners. Go! Take out the second reservoir.

Man 7: Holy shit!

Man 8: Jesus!

Man 9: Where's my cover?!

Man 10: Holy crap!

Man 11: Make it easy on yourself, give it up!

Man 12: Had doing this long?

Sam: This is the best day of my life! Get ready for the next bomb.

Jason: There're too many of these reservoirs!

Man 13: They got a vehicle!

Man 14: I'm not going to make leave!

Man 15: Grenade!

Jason: Fire in the hole!

Man 16: Grenade!

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