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Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 48 - Black Gold

Check out this walkthrough for Far Cry 3 by Ubisoft and learn how to get through the Black Gold mission


Sam: Time flies when you're having fun. One more. Time for machine gun, I am going in. I'm driving. She's going to blow! Shoot them all! Nice! Victory is our! America! Fuck yeah!

Jason: We did it!

Sam: Now we put the cherry on top! We'll kill Hoyt at the poker game. Don't leave me hanging. Meet me back at Hoyt's compound.

Man: New recruit thinks he special because Hoyt talked to him. Hoyt talks to a lot of guys, new recruit. He talked to Vaas, now where's Vaas, huh?

Sam: Okay my friend, are you ready to do this? Or do you need more time? Because once we start this there's no going back. I have hidden a knife in my boot. Be ready to distract him when I say, "Deal."

Jason: Got it.

Hoyt: Welcome boys, come in, come in. Take a seat. Five card hold-em all right with you? Can I offer you anything? Would you like some food? A nut perhaps?

Jason: No.

Hoyt: What a job, poker. Ask anyone on the street and they'll call it a game of chance. Or talk to Sam here and he'll say it's about bluffing. Won't you, Sam?

Sam: Yeah.

Hoyt: Yeah, but it's not, is it? It's about keeping you playing till the house collects.

Sam: I can do this all day long.

Hoyt: I'm going to call.

Jason: Call.

Hoyt: I'll raise you.

Jason: I'll call.

Hoyt: I'll call. Check.

Jason: Let's sweeten the pot.

Sam: Call.

Hoyt: I call.

Sam: I'm going to check.

Jason: Let's play.

Hoyt: I'm calling.

Sam: I'll call.

Hoyt: Sorry, house rules. Look at that. We have the same cards. So let's raise the stakes a little, shall we? Foster, Jason Brody, whatever your name is it slipped my mind, how stupid do you think I am? We should keep playing. Dealers on the left, right? Guess he's sitting this one out. So got you a little reunion with Riley. It brought a tear to my eye. I'm rarely moved, but I'll admit I underestimated you. Torturing your own brother, destroying half my organization. But let the chips fall where they may, right? I forgive you, so name your price. Everybody has one. You're all puppets and we pull the strings. The system was designed to work that way. Screw your system! You know what Jason? I'm going to go easy on you. Since you're a family man. One finger every time you lose. I think I'll start with the ring finger.

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