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How to Do the Hop the Fence Yo-Yo Trick

Learn how to do the Hop the Fence yo-yo trick from four-time US National Yo-Yo champion and 2006 World Yo-Yo champion Paul Yath in this Howcast video.


The next trick that I'm teaching you today is called Hop the Fence. And like Loop the Loop, it involves a repetitive motion. As you see it's going in a different direction, the opposite direction from Loop the Loop. When you throw the yo-yo down, the yo-yo comes right back at your hand. As it comes back towards your hand you don't want to catch it, you want it to go over. And with a flick of your wrist and your finger, you're doing Hop the Fence.

With Hop the Fence there's different variations, inside and outside, you can punch it forward like a punching bag, you can bring it straight up, to vertical loops, and right back down. That's Hop the Fence.

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