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How to Do the Black Hops Yo-Yo Trick

Learn how to do the Black Hops yo-yo trick from four-time US National Yo-Yo champion and 2006 World Yo-Yo champion Paul Yath in this Howcast video.


The next trick I'm showing you guys is called Black Hops. It's called Black Hops because it was invented by a Japanese player named Black, and he's a very creative player and had some really cool tricks. And it starts off of a breakaway. Basically, this is from the Man on a Flying Trapeze. This is a Double or nothing. This is triple or Nothing. You start off with the triple or nothing with this trick. One, two, three. Land on the outside string. The next step is you hop the yo-yo in the air and you take out your left index finger. You land on the outermost string. And you hop the yo-yo again. You take out your right index finger. Hop on the outermost string. You take off. And you repeat left and right until you get to the Man on the Flying Trapeze. So one more. One more. And then you reverse the step. You go right back up, back into the triple. Take off your right index finger, dismount through the outside. So now I'll do it for you real fast. And that's the Black Hops.

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