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How to Do the Two-Handed Loops Yo-Yo Trick

Learn how to do the Two-Handed Loops yo-yo trick from four-time US National Yo-Yo champion and 2006 World Yo-Yo champion Paul Yath in this Howcast video.


The trick we're doing right now is called two handed loops. For this trick, it's pretty difficult, it's considered an advanced or expert trick. You're utilizing two yo-yos, right hand and your left hand. Basically with each hand, you're doing both loops, so you have to master both looping left handed and right handed.

So I suggest learning and mastering your right hand first and once you do maybe ten consistent, focus on your left hand, and if you can do ten consistent that's good. Once you get that down, you want to start practicing two at the same time. Just like that. If you get around ten at the same time, you want to take the next step alternating them. Like this.

This is a really difficult trick and it takes a lot of practice, but once you get the motion down, it's not too bad it's kind of therapeutic. The yo-yo is just flying, you're not really controlling it, it's just doing its own thing.

With this you can add different variations to it to. You can go inside, outside. You could criss-cross them, and you can over and under. You can add an Around the World to it, with your left hand or right hand at the same time. And that's loop-the-loop.

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