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How to Do the Velvet Rolls Yo-Yo Trick

Learn how to do the Velvet Rolls yo-yo trick from four-time US National Yo-Yo champion and 2006 World Yo-Yo champion Paul Yath in this Howcast video.


The trick I'm showing you now is called, "Velvet Rolls". This trick utilizes two yo-yos at the same time and it's from a style called 3A.

First off, you have to throw a good sleeper with your left hand. You want to make sure the yo-yo is straight. If it's crooked, it will mess up the whole trick. Now, with your right hand, you have to make sure that the yo-yo are parallel with each other. To mount it up, you mount the left yo-yo first. Basically, you mount it like a brain twister mount. Put it into the string and the next mount, you mount the right yo-yo. Put that one into the string. This is the mount for the velvet rolls. To start the rolls, you flip the yo-yo back, one after another. First that one, this one, that one. You do as many as you want, but usually three is sufficient. To dismount, you pretty much drop the yo-yos. That's the 'Velvet Rolls".

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