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How to Do the Wraps Yo-Yo Trick

Learn how to do the Wraps yo-yo trick from four-time US National Yo-Yo champion and 2006 World Yo-Yo champion Paul Yath in this Howcast video.


What I'm showing you now is two-handed wraps. Basically, it's different elements of wrapping the yo-yo around your arm and body from two-handed loops. This is a version of a body wrap. I'm going to use my right arm to wrap while doing loops with my left hand.

Here's another version of wraps utilizing Around the Worlds.

Basically, you use the yo-yo and the yo-yo strings to wrap around your arm. This is a loop wrap.

These are car wraps. To do Milk the Cow, you do Around the World with the right hand, and you wrap it around your arm, and bring it up. And those are wrap tricks.

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