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What Are Yo-Yo Competition Classes?

Learn about yo-yo competition classes from four-time US National Yo-Yo champion and 2006 World Yo-Yo champion Paul Yath in this Howcast video.


So when it comes to competitions, the different styles of yo-yos are separated into five different classes; 1A all the way up to 5A. And each style is not necessarily more difficult than one another, but it's just different elements you do with the tricks and the different yo-yo. Such as 1A, it's a traditionally the most common style of yo-yoing, you just use one yo-yoing and you do like regular string tricks. And the next one is double A, 2A and with that style you use two yo-yos, two looping yo-yos. The next style I like to go into is 3A and this is my main style. This is what I compete in and what I've won multiple national titles and a world title in is 3A. It's pretty difficult. It involves two yo-yos and it's kind of like a combination of 1A and 2A. You do 1A tricks but with two yo-yos.

The next style I'll talk about is 4A and 4A is a pretty popular style and basically the style is also known as off string and basically the string is not connected to the yo-yo like traditionally in single A. So the string is wrapped around the yo-yo but it's not tied to the end of the yo-yo so when you toss it you can toss it up in the air and catch it on the string. This style is pretty difficult because it you drop the yo-yo it could just roll off and you always need to have back up. And the next style is called 5A. The 5A is also known as the counter weight division. It's tied to the yo-yo normally like in single A but instead of being tied to your finger it's tied to like a little object, like a bouncy ball or a die. And from there you can do tricks like swing it around and stuff, so it just adds another element to tricks.

And in competition, each division is separated so most of the time people compete in their own divisions, and each division is not more difficult than another division. It's just basically their preference. Each division is separated accordingly the style people play in. In competition of competitors, they compete to get on stage. Everyone has to do a one minute free style routine so you have to go on stage and for one minute you perform to music and if you score among like maybe the top 10 to 20 you'll move on to the final round. In the final round you have two or three minutes to do another routine and judges will judge you and give you positive points based on originality and technicality. They'll do like deducts if you have a miss bind or you missed the trick. That along with performance. At the end of the competition it's all tallied and added up together and whoever has the high score gets a place accordingly.

And that's the different kind of classes and how a yo-yo competition is basically ran.

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