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How to Make a Fire with Kindling

Learn how to make a fire with kindling from NYC Outward Bound instructor Marko Yurachek in this wilderness survival skills video from Howcast.


The key to building a fire is getting a lot of really, really little thin stuff, which is why I selected this particular branch. This is about the size of the things you want to get your fire started. We'll throw a spark into here and that will get some ignition. You put this inside of our teepee that we're about to build and these little guys will light up really easily. The other things that will light really easily are leaves. We have plenty of leaves both above us and right here, and this grass will also light really, really easily. So we've got a lot of good ignition material. I'll get that all together and a bunch of grass in there. Leaves and grass. And we'll make us a little teepee.

When I make my pile of fire material, I usually separate it out into really small fine things, and then a little bit bigger things, then a little bigger things. It's just easy for me to keep it organized that way. We've got a little bit bigger material here. We'll put the really fine stuff like this over here and we'll put the bigger stuff farther away. That's a great piece of firewood there. I like to use a variety of woods when I'm starting my fire. A lot of people like to use birch paper, great for starting a fire when it's wet. We didn't collect any of that right around here but there is some birch in this area. Mostly the birch we have here is sweet birch or black birch; it doesn't have quite as much paper as paper birch does.

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