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How to Make a Fire with a Teepee

Learn how to make a fire with a teepee from NYC Outward Bound instructor Marko Yurachek in this wilderness survival skills video from Howcast.


I'm just going to take this and kind of get our teepee structure set up.

One of the big mistakes that people make when they're making their fire is they think you need to put bigger sticks like this on to start. That's pretty hard to get lit especially if you have bad weather, a lot of moisture in the air, you don't have an accelerant or paper or anything like that. Really little stuff like this is the best way to get your fire going.

I have a whole floor that's made of rock so it's kind of hard to get a nice teepee stuck in there. But I like to stick my teepee sticks, my structure sticks, in the ground. That allows them to be held pretty stably.

On the inside of our teepee we have leaves, we have some grass, we have a lot of really small stuff, on the outside a little bit bigger stuff. In between we've got some things about this size, and we're going to keep adding a lit bit of that in there so that when it gets going it's going to have some fuel to catch. So up here we have a nice assortment of various size sticks. We're going to place this all around, and we're going to get a nice, booming ignition hopefully.

So the smaller the pieces of kindling, these little curly pieces are great, the better chances you're going to have of getting a fire with just one match or one spark or one light, especially if we have just some grass tinder just like this without a coal in it. So, we're going to take all this little stuff that we just shaved up and kind of add it to it as it gets going.

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