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How to Maintain a Campfire

Learn how to maintain a campfire from NYC Outward Bound instructor Marko Yurachek in this wilderness survival skills video from Howcast.


So this is the beginning of our fire. What I would do is eventually spread this fire, once we get a good bed of coals, all the way down to both ends of our hearth. Right now our fire needs a little attention.

One of the things that your fire is going to require is that you keep feeding it small stuff. Our wood is fairly green that we're using, so we need to get a good bed of coals down here to even have a chance of getting our fire going. And I'm giving it a lot of air. I'm giving it a little more grass and leaves so that we can get some more heat.

The wood that we collected was a little bit on the green side. It still had leaves on it which is what we used to build our shelter. Something that still has leaves on it is usually in the greener or wetter wood category. So, it's taking a little bit more attention to get our fire going because it is a little green. But, if you do have green wood really what it requires is more attention, a lot of air. You're going to get a lot more smoke from green wood.

But we'll still be able to get it going. Put some of this on the outside here. So it'll just take a second. I think we'll have some good luck with this fire.

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