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How to Store Water in the Wilderness

Learn how to store water from NYC Outward Bound instructor Marko Yurachek in this wilderness survival skills video from Howcast.


We definitely got a nice water source here. If we had to leave here and go some place where we didn't know whether there was water, how may we go about taking water with us? Well, there are several ways that we could transport water without a water bottle. However, most of them involve some sort of man-made item. I believe in my pack I have a Ziploc bag. A Ziploc bag could be a water bag, so we could fill this Ziploc with water and carry it off. I also have a grocery store bag, which in and of itself will not transport water, it would all run out, right? However, we already saw that stagnant moss carries water really well. If I were to pick up a big slab of stagnant moss and soak it, it would soak up all that water like a sponge. I could then put it in my grocery store bag and carry that, so I could squeeze it and get a lot more water out of it farther down the trail. So I could use stagnant moss to carry water, I could use a Ziploc back to carry water, I could also, if I had an article of clothing, and it was hot and I wasn't going to need it, I can soak clothing in water and carry that off and squeeze that out as I walk.

So there are ways that I could transport water without a water vessel or container. We looked at making burn bowls, we can also make burn bottles, which is to take a log and burn down longways, and fill that with water and carry that off, put a cork in the top. So you can make a bottle, you can make a sponge, or you can fill up a Ziploc bag, and those are ways that you can carry water with you. If you have something like a raincoat, they're supposed to be waterproof, you can make a water bag out of a raincoat. You can make a water bag out of a rain fly on a tent, you can make a water bag out of a dry bag. Some people carry dry bags to keep their sleeping bags or whatever dry. You can scoop up water in a dry bag and carry that. So there are ways that you can transport water to a distant location without having to use a bottle.

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