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How to Forage for Survival Items in the Wilderness

Learn how to forage for survival items in the wilderness from NYC Outward Bound instructor Marko Yurachek in this survival skills video from Howcast.


So we're kind of walking through the woods and looking for things that we use to spend the night out. And as you're walking through you're looking for all the different resources you might have. A great spot to spend the night, maybe some good firewood, maybe some wild edibles. As I look around right here in this area I'm seeing a bunch of nice things. I'm seeing some dead hemlock trees, super firewood. I'm seeing a water source. It's running down through here. I might not want to stay right on the creek but up on the side of it would be a great place to stay. Just above there I think there's some pretty good fishing so if you wanted to set a fish there, there's a little lake up there that we could put a couple of fish traps in.

So we've got food. We've got water. We've got shelter. We've got fire. If we look all around we're surrounded by cedars so we have a lot of fire starting potential and then we have a lot of really nice wood to keep fires going for a long time. One of the things that I always try to look for when I'm walking through the forest is this type of paper for bark. This is birch bark. This is probably from the silver birch, not paper birch, but this burns really well because of the oils that are in the bark even when it's wet. So if you have to start a fire and you don't have any cotton balls or Vaseline this is a natural cotton ball with Vaseline right here. It works really well wet or dry and it will get a fire going like that. So a really good thing to look for. Once you find it you want to pack it in and carry it around.

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