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How to Forage for Mushrooms in the Wilderness

Learn how to forage for mushrooms from NYC Outward Bound instructor Marko Yurachek in this wilderness survival skills video from Howcast.


So there's a lot of wild animals in this area. There's a lot of mammal evidence. This tree right here in itself is a run for a raccoon. It's got some raccoon droppings on it. It would be a great place to set up a trap. Just like the tree we saw earlier that had nuts on it from a squirrel. You can see that a raccoon has marked this as its territory. Then we have this mushroom, the chicken of the woods, which is edible. This is a mushroom that we can eat. Now, I normally I don't like to advise people to eat mushrooms, being as that there are a lot of mushrooms that look similar to mushrooms you shouldn't be eating. This is one that's pretty reliable, and you can probably pretty safely eat this.

There's other mushrooms I can see quite often there's puff balls, which look like a golf ball. Those are good. There's ones that have a really tall cap. I'm not seeing any right now, that are also good. This is a mushroom that we could cook up. Just this log right here could provide us with mushrooms that we can eat. It can provide us with hickory nuts. There's potential for trapping squirrel and for trapping raccoon on this one run. So this is a highway that animals are using to go up and down. I wouldn't be surprised if we found weasel sign here because this is where I would hunt if I was a weasel too.

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