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How to Forage for Grass to Use as Bedding in the Wilderness

Learn how to forage for grass to use as bedding from NYC Outward Bound instructor Marko Yurachek in this wilderness survival skills video from Howcast.


We've walked through the woods. We've found an open field. Totally different environment that we'd been walking through in a hardwood forest, and now we've come to this beautiful open field which has a lot, a lot of resources for us.

We saw dry leaves that we could use in the woodland. Now that we've come out we have this straw, this grass. And this is a really, really excellent resource that we can harvest in massive amounts. So it just takes a minute to pull up this much, and in a few minutes we could basically have a bale of hay. So we can just reach through here, grab and pull, and get a huge amount of really nice, really dry bedding. It also works great for tinder.

We can make ourselves a mattress by binding this together and making a full on sleeping mat. There's tons of it. There's a whole field of it in fact. And if we just pull it out and allow it to dry in the sun, it's a little bit wet on the bottom side, but if we allow it to dry in the sun we can get huge amounts of this in literally no time and make a complete bed for ourselves.

This also works as really nice, if you bind it, siding for shelters. So you can tie this together at the top and tie it onto a frame, and you have a grass house. One of the shelters that I like to build is a complete grass house. And if you look right here you'll notice that an animal has built itself a grass house. I'm not sure exactly what lives in there, but this is a grass house that a little guy's built and lives inside.

So you can build a complete house out of grass. I don't want to disturb that guy's house. By taking this stuff and binding it together, or even taking just a few pieces of the grass to the top and wrapping it and twisting it, you now have this bundle. And you can just hang that and piece it like shingles on the sides of your house.

It also works great for sleeping on. I think this is what we're going to sleep on tonight. We're going to collect as much of this beautiful, dry straw as we can and lay it in the bottom of our shelter.

There are a lot more resources that I see right up on top here, so let's take a look up here and see what we have.

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