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How to Make a Trigger for a Fish Snare

Learn how to make a trigger for a fish snare from NYC Outward Bound instructor Marko Yurachek in this wilderness survival skills video from Howcast.


The trigger is going to be two notched pieces of wood that pop open when the fish bites, and that is going to hopefully set the hook and bring us some dinner. So the first part of my trigger is going to be a hard wood, and I've selected this piece of oak from a tree right here. We're going to cut it down so that it's a usable size and attach it to our snare.

So right now, I'm cutting a trigger for the line that comes from the bent tree down. This is going to hold into a notch that I'm putting on the bottom of the bent tree. And when the fish bites, it's going to pull this, and the tree will snap up in the air. That's the idea.

So we're making kind of a hook out of this piece of wood that's going to hook into the tree. And the reason I'm using oak is it's a harder wood than the birch that the tree is, and so it's hopefully not going to round out and lose its sharp edge. So then you see I made kind of a hook in the tree.

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