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How to Adjust a Fish Snare

Learn how to adjust a fish snare from NYC Outward Bound instructor Marko Yurachek in this wilderness survival skills video from Howcast.


All snares, or at least spring snares like this, are an exercise and an adjustment. So you adjust a little bit, and you see how well it works. Trim a little here, trim a little there, and hopefully you'll hit the perfect combination of sensitivity and security. You can have a secure trigger that the fish won't be able to trip. That won't do you any good. Or you can have a trigger that'll pop when the wind blows. And that won't do you any good. So we want to find something just in between the two.

This might be it. I'm having fun doing this, and I can tell you that this is actually how you would do it if you needed to. And that is I don't have the materials that I would normally use if I wanted to set a really nice snare. What I have is some materials that I found and materials that are in my emergency bag that I always carry with me. Those materials are a Leatherman, a safety pin, some parachute cord.

I have a few other things in there, but I don't really have fishing materials. Fishing materials would be a good idea to have in, but the idea for doing it like this is we're not going to spend all our day fishing. We're going to let the tree do the fishing for us if we can set it up with a good trigger system.

There we go. That's what we want. Perfect.

Now I'm going to take fishing line. I'm going to take the fishing hook. And there are several ways you can attach the hook to the line. Thread the needle. I like to wrap it a couple of times before I do anything, so go around a few times. Thread the needle again, and again, bring it through, and then when we're here finish it off by going around, and around, and back through. Okay. So we've got a nice, secure knot.

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