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How to Find Worms for Your Fish Hook

Learn how to find worms for your fish snare from NYC Outward Bound instructor Marko Yurachek in this wilderness survival skills video from Howcast.


So we have our tree bent down. We have a notch in the lower tree. We have a notch in the trigger mechanism. There's a hook tied to a piece of found fishing line. The hook is a safety pin. So the idea is to bring this tree down. Get in the notch. Get the trigger set so that it doesn't pop. Here we go. So this is tightened on here and I want to make sure that I find the hook so that it doesn't go in my foot.

So the final step is, or you could do it in any order, it could be the first step, is finding worms for your hook. Oftentimes if you turn over... Oh, I've got two nice worms here. One, two, three, so we have some nice worms that were underneath this rock and we'll turn it back so we can maybe harvest more worms later. But we've got a few earthworms that we can use for bait.

So I'm just going to put the tail on. If I put the whole arm on, it's quite possible that it's going to get nibbled off and not caught. So this is just about the right amount for my hook. We're going to put the worm all the way around, like so. So our hook is completely hidden by the worm. Anything that takes it is going to get hooked. All right?

So we have one worm hook. We have one prickly hair trigger. We're going to bend our tree down, get it in the notch. So, there we go. Earlier we set a spring snare to hopefully catch a fish, and we're going to go back and check it now and see if it's produced any dinner. So we can see that the snare has been sprung and it's definitely got a fish on it and he's definitely swimming around. Here's our fish and he's still kicking.

So it looks like we have caught a beautiful little bluegill. There is our fish and the spring snare works. So it's a great way to get your dinner while you're out doing something else. Had we set several of these, we may have several fish by this time.

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