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How to Gut a Fish with a Stone Tool

Learn how to gut a fish with a stone tool from NYC Outward Bound instructor Marko Yurachek in this wilderness survival skills video from Howcast.


We'll take our fish out, dip it in this bowl. And the cutting board is a piece of cedar. I had another little knife I made. We can use this to cut through our fish, right here behind this gill. We're going to take off his head. Actually, there's some nice meat right there behind his head. Cut through the spine. And we could cook our fish with the head on, and that's fine too. I chose to slice its head off. Plus it was still alive. And our choices would have been to bash its head or just to cut it off, so, I went with cutting it off.

Fish head and fish guts make for really good bait, so if we wanted to bait a trap, this would be really nice. We have the rest of our fish right here. Also, that guy had a hook buried really, really deep on him. So the next thing we can do is gut our fish, slice him straight down the belly and open it up like so. We'll get the guts out. We're going to bring the guts out. Again, really good for bait, really good for using for any other purposes that we might have. So we have our gut pile right here. We'll cut a little bit farther down, pull all this out with the head, and open it up.

So what I'm going to do is, instead of filleting it, we're just throwing it on the fire in total. We're just going to open it up like this and put a stick or two in the middle and we're going to roast. I just propped our fish open, so you have a little opening in the inside. Set this over the coals, let it cook up. It's got a lot of nice meat on it, especially on the back and sides, back here. We'll throw this on our fire, let it roast up, and we'll have it with eggs. And that's gutting a fish and cutting it with stone tools.

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