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How to Set Up a Cooking Fire in the Wilderness

Learn how to set up a cooking fire from NYC Outward Bound instructor Marko Yurachek in this wilderness survival skills video from Howcast.


So right now we have a nice hot fire with a lot of coals. Not really a tall fire, but we have just what we need to cook on. Even getting it down a little bit lower and having a little bit less flame and a little bit hotter coals is going to give us a really good fire to cook on. Also, if you want your fire to go all night, you can get a really good bed of this hot coals and then slowly add one or two pieces every now and then. And that's going to allow you to have a fire through the night. Instead of having a big blaze, it's going to keep you warm for a little while and then it's all going to go cold. When you want to extend your fire, maybe you want to extend this a little longer, you can take your pieces that are burning on one end and flip them over, and now we're getting a longer fire that's burning out this way and we can throw additional sticks on to the coals at one end and at the other end. So, you can make your fire grow longer. One of the things that's in this fire are all these stones. We've placed some round stones in the fire. Round stones are really nice for making boiling water which is one way to purify your water. They're also nice for cooking things that you want boiled so if you want hot soups and things like that, the hot stones are really good. So, maintaining our fire, we want to get a nice bed of coals. What we're trying to do is make a nice cooking fire with a nice long bed of coals and some big wood in there and I think we have a really good fire to cook on right here. We have hot rocks to boil. We can bring our fire out this way onto a nice slab that we can use for frying. And I'll move our fire out a little bit so we have a nice frying fire. And we have some rocks in it, good bed of coals. We've got a good breeze keeping it going. We might want to put a little more wood on it and we're going to come back and cook our breakfast.

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