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How to Cook Fish over a Campfire

Learn how to cook fish over a campfire from NYC Outward Bound instructor Marko Yurachek in this wilderness survival skills video from Howcast.


There are many ways to cook our fish. We could just lay it in the coals. We can take a couple sticks, lay them over the coals, and put our fish right over, so that it's not totally burning on the fire, but it's getting enough heat to cook it. That should cook pretty well, just like that. So we've got a lot of heat rising into it. That'll cook our fish. We'll give it a few minutes and it should be done and delicious. And our eggs have cooled off. We have one baked egg, one hard-boiled egg, so we have a couple eggs and a nice piece of fish, blue gill. Protein-rich breakfast. To complement it, we'll probably go out and find some wild edibles, nuts and things like that, we'll look for in a little bit.

All right. Our fish is just really perfectly done right now, our eggs are perfectly done. One of the things that I like to have with me in the back country, and this is kind of an ancient cooking secret, this is a piece of rawhide sewn with sinew, leg tendon, with a cork in top. It contains a magic ingredient, known as salt. It works great on your fish, works great on your eggs. Salt is a great things to have with you in the back country. You can make it if you're at the ocean, or if you're in Utah at the Great Salt Lake. It makes everything taste a lot better. Delicious.

Hard-boiling your eggs is a great way to carry them around with you if you find a bunch of eggs. By the way, eggs are among the easiest animals to hunt, because they don't run very fast and they don't hurt you and they're all edible. If you're hunting, eggs are easy prey to take.

Delicious. Our fish has cooked to a perfect consistency and deliciousness. You can pick the bones out, eat the meat off the bones, or just pull them off with your fingers. You can also save the bones, grind them up into bone meal, and eat the bones too. Again, great calcium. But this fish is cooked to perfection. I'm a fish snob, and there's nothing like fish that just came out of the water and you're eating right away. There's no comparison to eating fish from a seafood market or a restaurant.

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