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How to Find a Ready-Made Shelter in the Wilderness

Learn how to find a ready-made shelter from NYC Outward Bound instructor Marko Yurachek in this wilderness survival skills video from Howcast.


Right over here, we have a beautiful shelter that's already made for us. We don't really have to work on it. We've got this tree that's fallen and underneath it, we have this beautiful root ball cave. We have a roof. We have three and a half walls. Inside, it's relatively dry. It's rain proof. It's wind proof. It's just the right size for one person. If you were to move this earth that's in front of it out just a little bit, you could put a perfect fire here. You've got great fire resources, even if you didn't have a flint and steel, a lighter, any tinder; all of the tinder and everything that you need is right here in this spot. This tree that fell, fell on a cedar tree. A cedar tree is what we can use to start a bow-drill fire. You can use the scrapings from a cedar as your tinder bundle. You have all the rocks that you need right here to cut your tinder, your fire board; everything can be cut out of what you have on the ground right here. You have a nice keyhole tree right here for breaking your wood; stick it in there and snap it. It's perfect. Here's a fantastic example of a ready-made shelter.

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