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Hygiene Skills for the Outdoors

Learn hygiene skills for the outdoors from NYC Outward Bound instructor Marko Yurachek in this wilderness survival skills video from Howcast.


How does one keep clean and smelling fresh in the outdoors? To take care of yourself as far as keeping clean and odor free in the wilderness, there's some traditional methods that work really, really well. In fact, some of the traditional methods are now being used by clothing companies that want to create odor free clothes.

One of the ways, and a great natural deodorant, is this stuff. Charcoal. So if you go to Cabela's or a Bass Pro shop, any of the hunting stores, you'll see lots of clothes that have, now, charcoal in them, that are odor free clothes. Scent lock and things like that. Really all they are is clothes that have charcoal in them. Charcoal absorbs odor. So if you want to have a natural deodorant that works really well, and charcoal actually has many, many benefits. It kind of makes you look dirty but it makes you smell good. This will absorb all your scent. hunters will use charcoal if they want to not leave scent for animals. So, charcoal is really good. The other thing that works really good is what makes charcoal, and that's smoke. So standing in a fire with your clothes, the smoke will clean your clothes and leave them odor free.

Ways to wash your body. What makes you smell is bacteria and one of the plants that grow
out here is this sphagnum moss. Sphagnum moss has an anti-bacterial quality and you can wipe down with sphagnum moss. It's great for cleaning all nooks and crannies that might normally smell a little bit odoriferous. Not only is it an antibacterial, but it also has water, which is something you want to clean yourself. So you can use this, it's like a sponge, it has water in
it, it kills bacteria, it's great for washing and this is a really nice resource to have. It grows all over kind of rocky tops here in New York.

So you have two things that make you really clean. You have charcoal which takes away odor, you have this that kills bacteria and has a nice, sponge-like quality. You have smoke from a fire. Some of the other ways would be to build a sweat lodge if you want to have like a sauna you can also clean in that and last but not least, there's the bandana or t shirt that you can dip into water, get nice and wet and wipe down with that. If you were going to wipe down with this and you wanted to add deodorant, charcoal is a great way to go after that. So, those are some ways that you can keep clean and odor free in the outdoors.

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