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How to Teach a Pomeranian a Few Dog Tricks

Learn how to teach a Pomeranian a few dog tricks in this Howcast dog training video featuring professional dog trainer Andrea Arden.


Pomeranians are fun little dogs full of personality. Tricks training can be a great way to show off how smart your pomeranian is. I'm going to show you with Tara how to teach your pomeranian the trick of spin.

When training your dog a spin you're going to want to have on hand a clicker to mark the dog's behavior as correct and an assortment of small treats that your dog likes. I'm going to use a method called "lure reward" which means I'm going to guide her through her spin using a treat.

So, I'm just going to move my hand around in a circle, and click and reward as she finishes up that spin. And repeat that a few times until she's doing it very quickly and smoothly. Now I'm going to switch to an empty hand signal which means there will no longer be a treat in my hand. I'm going to just point and move my hand around in a circle, and click and reward again as she finishes up that spin. If the dog doesn't do it you simply don't reward.

Once you've done this a number of times you can add on a verbal cue. You want to say the word once and directly before giving your hand signal. So I'm going to say "spin", and then give my hand signal for spin. Spin, there we go. Spin, and we've got an itch, there we go. Very good. All right.

Even though pomeranians are small dogs you still want to train them. So teaching them basics of sit, down, and stay, as well as some impulse control, is going to pay off a lot.

And that's how you teach your pomeranian to spin.

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