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How to Teach Your Dog to Shake Hands

Learn how to teach your dog to shake hands with this Howcast dog training video featuring professional dog trainer Andrea Arden.


Mimi and I are going to show you the fun and easy trick of Shake. When training your dog to shake, you're going to want to have a clicker or a word like 'yes' or 'good' that you're going to use to precisely mark when your dog has done something right. You're also going to want to have several small treats that you know your dog likes.

When teaching this trick, you're going to start with a couple treats in your hand and just hold that shut inside of a fist. Most dogs will try to paw at a treat if they can't get at it with their mouth, so we're going to try that. I'm just going to try to bring my hand close, and that moment her paw touched my hand, that's when I click and reward. Once your dog's getting the hang of this, and they're easily offering that paw as she is, I'm going to switch to an empty hand signal. I'm just going to present my hand without a treat so that she can place her paw in it.

Now that she understands that she's supposed to give me her paw, I'm going to wait for a little longer duration for her to hold her paw in my hand for a little longer. Now I'm going to add on a verbal cue. I'm going to call this 'shake'. I'm only going to say that once and right before giving my hand. Baby, shake.

That is how you teach your dog to shake.

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