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How to Teach Your Dog to Fetch a Beer

Learn how to teach your dog to fetch a beer with this Howcast dog training video featuring professional dog trainer Andrea Arden.


Hi, thanks for watching. Today we're going to work on the trick of having your dog get you a beer.

To do this trick, we're going to do something called shaping, which is basically teaching your dog, in very small steps, how to accomplish this feat.

This is a new trick for Betty so, hopefully, you'll get to see some of the early stages in which she's learning the trick.

To start out, I'm going to place this down on the floor and all I'm really looking for from her is to go over to it and touch it. When she does, I'm going to click this marker to tell her she did something right and then I'm going to give her a little treat.

Okay. So as soon as she shows interest in it, I can click. And I'm really trying to time that click to when she hits it.

Okay. When your dog starts getting that... drop, thank you. When your dog starts getting that you can try increasing the criteria, which basically means that I'm looking for her to put her mouth over the ring; so that would be the next part to try to maybe open her mouth, or even pick it up if I get lucky.

So this time I'm going to place this down, I'm going to hope that she grabs it with her mouth and, at that point, I'll click and treat.

Okay. So it's in her mouth, I click before she gets too involved in playing with it. But she has learned that putting her mouth on the beer is now what's going to get her the reward. Okay.

So I'm going to try one more time putting this down; let's see what we get.

Okay. I'm really trying to watch, she brings it over a little more, great, click and treat. Drop.

She also thinks this ring is the most fun toy in the world so I'm fighting that a little bit. And I don't want to let her get engaged in just playing with it.

And now I kind of know that she's going to go for the beer so I'm going to start adding a cue "beer".

There you go; good girl.

Over time, hopefully that will get smoother and smoother and the reward for her will not be playing with this but bringing me a nice frosty beverage, as she goes into my treat bag.

She's a smart dog; she's learned where the treats are.

One tip for this trick, I'm actually using an empty beer can just so that the weight of this doesn't make it even more fun dragging it around, or too difficult for her to drag it over.

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