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How to Teach Your Dog to Jump over a Bar

Learn how to teach your dog how to jump over a bar with this Howcast dog training video featuring professional dog trainer Andrea Arden.


Teaching your dog to jump over a bar is a fun, energy burning trick great for rainy days and bad weather. Keep in mind, though, when you're teaching this trick that it is important that you teach your dog to jump in good jumping form. If you don't, your dog is likely to knock down the bar, and they're more likely to get injured.

When you think about good jumping form you want to think of the dog rounding their back out as opposed to hollowing their back. Think jump like a dolphin not like a deer. It's important that the dog not look up at you while they're jumping, or that's going to raise their head up and hollow out that back.

So when you first start teaching your dog to jump over a bar the easiest way to do this is to start with the treat on the floor. So I'm going to have Maeby do a sit here, and I'm going to place the treat on the other side of the jump. If you're worried about your dog going around the jump you might put up some barriers like a piece of furniture or something solid like a wall to prevent them from going around it.

I'm going to set the treat on the other side of the jump so that she's looking ahead, and then I'll release her to take it. Okay. Good. That got her looking ahead rounding out that back.

You want to repeat this a number of times with the jump at a low height. Since Maeby's done this before I can go right on to raising that bar up. Now, I'm going to do the same thing and set that treat at the other side of the jump. Okay. And release her to go get it. Let's do that one more time. Okay. Good.

And that's how you train your dog to jump over a bar.

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