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How to Teach Your Dog to Balance a Cookie on His Paws

Learn how to teach your dog to balance a cookie on his paws with this Howcast dog training video featuring professional dog trainer Andrea Arden.


Today we're going to work on a trick of balancing a cookie on your dog's paw. To do this trick you're going to want to have a pretty solid down with your dog, and also you're going to want to have some impulse control with your dog, which you can find in some of our other videos under impulse control.

To begin getting that impulse control you can try exercises with your dog where you basically put a treat on the ground, and if they don't go get it you can click and give them a treat. Try that one more time with Betty. I'm just putting this down, and when she doesn't go to get it, click, give her a treat. If she were to get up I would simply pick the treat up so that she learns that getting up is not going to get her this. I don't have to say no or anything like that to tell her. The treat just simply has to go away when she stands up.

After she gets the hang of this and is capable of lying in place I can try getting closer to her which is a little more challenging. And you're going to very slowly work towards their paws. Eventually, and dogs are sensitive about their paws, so you really want to kind of get in close to it without putting it on their paw. But eventually you can try setting the treat right on their paw.

If they look at you you can also give a cue. And I use a cue of just pointing my finger telling her to wait.

So you set the treat there. You can either click and hand it to her, or if you've taught your dog a release word you can try putting the treat down and then saying okay. After you say okay also click, because what you're looking for her to do is then take the treat.

It's a great trick to teach your dog because not only is it cute but they learn impulse control, they learn how to stay, they get desensitized to having their paws handled. Okay. And, it'll impress your friends.

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