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How to Teach Your Dog to Get a Tissue, Part 2

Learn how to teach your dog to get a tissue from professional dog trainer Andrea Arden in this Howcast dog training video, part 2 of a 2-part series.


Now we're going to put the washcloth inside of the box of tissues. That way, whoops, she'll be learning how to retrieve something out of the box, and to actually pull it out. Okay. Oh, it's a little stuck. Good. But she did it. Sit.

Okay. Good. Now that she's doing well with the washcloth, we're going to do the real trick and do it with the tissue. I'm going to position the tissue so she can easily get hold of it. Sit. Place it on the floor. Release her to go get it. Okay. Good. Again, if she were to shake it or run away with it, I wouldn't reward her.

Now, it makes it pretty fun with this exercise if you make the verbal cue a sneeze. So, since she knows the release of "okay", I'm going to start to transition over to using a verbal cue of "achoo". So, what I'm going to do is say, "Achoo," and then I'm going to say, "Okay." With enough repetition, she'll start retrieving when I say, "Achoo."

Sit. Achoo. Okay. If the dog doesn't do it, we'll wait. Good. Sometimes you get funny behaviors like that. You're just not going to reward when they don't do what you want. We'll try it again. Achoo. Okay. Good. Good girl. Achoo. Good. And that's how you teach your dog to retrieve a tissue.

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