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How to Teach Your Dog to Pick Up & Put Away His Toys

Learn how to teach your dog to put away his toys from professional dog trainer Andrea Arden in this Howcast dog training video, part 2 of a 2-part series.


So the next part is to see if we can get Nora to pick up a toy and actually put it into the box. I'm going to place this toy down. What's that? Yes. What's that? Get that.

She already likes to play with toys, especially squeaky toys, so I know she's likely to pick it up. But what I want her to do now is not just pick it up and squeak it, but I want her to pick it up in her mouth, hold it, and move towards the box. What's this over here?

So what I might need to do is actually change my position so that I move myself behind the box. I'm going to toss the toy a little ways away for Nora. Go get that. And then I'm going to have her bring it back. Come on Nora. Yes. Good girl.

What I did there is I set her up for success. That is I didn't make it too hard for her to have to get the toy into the box by setting it up so that it was something that she would be likely to do, because she already likes to give the toy back to me.

Let's try that again. Go get that. So, I'm tossing the toy for her, and I'm going to encourage her back. Come here Nora. Oh that was pretty close. That was pretty close. Oh. That was pretty close. I'm actually going to reward her for that. Because, again, I want her to start understanding in baby steps.

Yes, come here. Get the toy. Come here Nora. Oh, that was close. Come here, come here. Get the toy. Come here. Get the toy. Nora, go get the toy. Come on. Yay. Come here. Come here. Nora, come on. Oh. That was so close. We're getting closer. Ready? Go get that. Nora, come on. Yes. Good girl. Good.

The next step is to sort of fade out the game of fetch prior to having her pick up the toy to put it in the box. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to make sure she hears that the toy is the same wonderful squeaky toy that she was playing with before. And I'm just going to simply place it on the ground and then see if she picks it up. Come on Nora. Yes. Good job, and puts it right into the box.

And that is how you teach your dog to help you tidy up and put their toys in a toy box.

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