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How to Teach Your Dog to Jump over Your Leg

Learn how to teach your dog to jump over your leg with this Howcast dog training video featuring professional dog trainer Andrea Arden.


Stella and I are going to show you how to teach your dog to jump over your leg.

When you're first teaching this, it's a good idea to sit in a chair and get yourself right next to a wall or a solid piece of furniture. Then you can stretch your leg out going right out to that wall, so your dog doesn't have much room to go around your leg. I'm going to have several treats that I know Stella likes and hold them in each hand. I'm going to let her smell that I've got a treat here and then lure her over my leg with the treat. As she goes over, I'll just drop that treat. Good. Good!

Once your dog is doing that easily up the wall, you can scoot your chair back so that they're actually choosing to go over your leg. If they go around, you're simply not going to reward them. Then you're going to try this without a treat in your hand, just point over your leg. Good. Good. Good!

Now to make it a little harder and a little fancier, I'm going to stand up, and I'm going to hold my leg out but not too high. Keep in mind she's a pretty short dog so I'm just going to lift my leg up slightly and point. Good. Good!

Now if you want to put this on a verbal cue, you can say a word like "jump" once and then point. Jump. Good! Later, you can make this trick even fancier by doing kicks. Good. Good. Good. Well, that one wasn't. Good, there you go.

And that's how you teach your dog to jump over your leg.

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