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How to Teach Your Dog to Weave In and Out of Your Legs

Learn how to teach your dog to weave in and out of your legs with this Howcast dog training video featuring professional dog trainer Andrea Arden.


So a flashy, energy-burning trick that you can do with your dog is teaching them to weave between your legs.

When teaching this trick, you're going to need several small treats that your dog likes. You're also going to pick a word like "yes" or "good" that you're going to use to mark the behaviors that they do correct. I'm going to use a method called lure reward which means I'm going to start with a treat in my hand, guiding Stella through the weave between my legs.

So at first I'm just going to spread my legs out. I'm going to just reach between my legs, let her smell I've got a good treat here, and then I'm just going to guide her around my leg. Good! And reward as she finishes coming around. I'm going to do this same thing with a treat in the other hand. Good! You'll repeat that process several times until your dog is easily weaving back and forth between your legs.

Then you're going to switch to an empty hand signal. Mine's just a pointing finger between the legs. So to begin with, it will look like this. I'm just going to guide her around and guide her around. Good! And feel free to reward several times as your dog is learning to weave. You don't have to have them weave back and forth many times before rewarding. Good. Good!

So once your dog is following the visual cue of a pointing finger, you can start making the cue just shifting your weight. So I'm just going to shift my weight over to one side, and if I need to, I'll bring my hand around, and then I'll switch to the other side, this side. Good. Good! There's your treat, Stella.

Once your dog gets the hang of doing this stationary, you can start to move. This will make it even more flashy. So I'm just going to take a step ahead. Good. Good. Good. Very nice!

And that's how you teach your dog to weave between your legs.

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