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How to Teach Your Dog to Jump through Your Arms, Part 1

Learn how to teach your dog to jump through your arms from dog trainer Andrea Arden in this Howcast dog training video, part 1 of a 2-part series.


One of my favorite tricks to watch a dog do, and so I had to train it, of course, with my own dogs, was teaching your dog to jump through your arms.

This, I've seen done with small and large dogs alike. I'm going to be doing that with Walter today And first before I try to get him to go through my arms, which could be a little bit difficult or confusing for your dog as well as you kind of don't have enough arms to work with the dog and be the prop at the same time.

I first taught him to jump through a hoop so that he had the idea of jumping up and through something. When you start that, you want it to be easy and low so that your dog is not inclined to try to run around, taking the path of least resistance. So it's not about height, it's about the concept of going through. Good. So I'll just warm him up a little bit. Good. Sit. Wait. Good!

And then I shrunk it so that it would be a little more compressed feeling. For some dogs this could be a little claustrophobic. They're going to have a hard time jumping through something that's small. But I felt that teaching him to go through a smaller hoop would make the arm jump feel less compressed to him. So we're going to try this, path of least resistance. Let's try it again. That's OK, buddy.

Remember when you're training it's supposed to be fun, and so you want to make each step easy and if your dog or you really, that was my fault, makes a mistake, the saddest thing that happens is you just try again. There's no no, uh-uh, anything like that. You just re-evaluate what you did and get started again. So I'm going to make it a little easier for him by giving him a little more guidance using my hand and possibly a treat as a lure. Just so he knows where he's supposed to be focusing. OK. Yay. Good boy. Perfect, sweetie.

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