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How to Teach Your Dog to File His Nails

Learn how to teach your dog to file his nails with this Howcast dog training video featuring professional dog trainer Andrea Arden.


Now, a variation on wiping your feet, once your dog understands the idea of the swiping motion with the paws, we can do another rather practical behavior, which is file your nails. So, again, this is really just a variation on wiping the feet, you're just using a different substrate. With this you want to be a little careful that they don't over wipe. This is just a piece of plywood with a little bit of fine sand paper on it.

I'm looking for any swiping motion. I'm clicking him for that motion. Good. And that's how you would start to get your dog to help you get their nails trimmed down a little bit. Much funner than clipping.

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