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How to Teach Your Dog to Act Bashful

Learn how to teach your dog to act bashful with this Howcast dog training video featuring professional dog trainer Andrea Arden.


The bashful trick is a very charming trick that is sure to delight your family and friends. What this trick entails is teaching your dog to take one of their paws and to essentially wipe their nose. Your ultimate goal would be to have your dog wipe their nose and hold it there for a period of time.

We're going to start with our dog seated in front of us. We're going to make sure that our dog knows we have something really delicious for them, and then we are going to do a little bit of a prompt to get our dog to hopefully reach their paw and wipe their nose, even just a tiny, tiny bit.
My prompt is going to be that I'm going to do a gentle little touch on Nora's nose. Can you be bashful? As you can see, what it made her do is lift her paw up just a little bit.

The next part of this is that we are going to reach our hand forward to do a little bit of a prompt again and see if we if we can get our dog to raise their paw again a little bit higher towards their nose because, hopefully, what we want is for our dog to start to understand that the movement of their paw closer and closer to their muzzle is what we're looking for.

If at any moment you get your dog to touch their paw to their nose whether because you prompted them or accidentally if your dog was just wiping something off their nose, what you want to do is make sure to mark that behavior. That is to use a word or a clicker that lets your dog know that what they did at that moment is right.

For example, with Nora I'm going to use the word, yes. It's going to look like this. Are you bashful? Yes! So notice that the moment that her paw touched her nose, I let her know that, that is what I was looking for and that got her something good. Are you bashful? Yes!

The next step once you get a dog who is consistently touching their nose with their paw is that you're going to look for a dog to hold their paw on their nose for longer and longer. It's essentially teaching your dog to do a bit of a stay, but in this case it's a stay with their paw on their nose. So it's going to look like this. Are you bashful? Are you bashful? A little bit longer. Are you bashful? Are you bashful? Yes! Good girl. That's how you teach your dog the trick - Are you bashful?

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