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How to Teach Your Dog Tricks with Andrea Arden

Learn about Andrea Arden of Andrea Arden Dog Training, one of Howcast's experts on teaching dog tricks, in this video.


Andrea: Hi, I'm Andrea Arden, Training School Director. For the last 20 years, I've been helping people better understand and train their canine companions. Here at Andrea Arden Dog Training, we provide guidance on everything from raising a puppy to solving complex behavior problems. We also offer private lessons and group classes in tricks and agility, both of which are a lot of fun.

Our focus here, regardless of what people's training goals are, is to make sure people understand and employ the most positive, gentle, reward-based training methods because they're not only the most fun, but they are the most progressive.

Katrina: Hi, I'm Katrina Krings. I've been with the Andrea Arden Dog Training team for the past eight years. I enjoy the diversity of students that I get to work with here in New York City, both canine and human. One of the most rewarding parts of my job is working with shelter dogs, both teaching them new skills to increase their adoptability and working with adoptive families.

JoAnne: I'm JoAnne Basinger, and I am a trainer at Andrea Arden Dog Training as well as the Dog Training School Manager. I've been with the company for ten years. I began my career as an animal trainer, working with marine mammals such as dolphins, whales, seals, walruses, and sea otters. I've taken those techniques using motivational, positive training techniques as well as enrichment and incorporated those into working with canines. I am dedicated to teaching people about reward-based training enrichment so they can enhance the lives of their pets.

Mike: My name's Mike Lustig. I've been with Andrea Arden Dog Training for four years. After being involved with a couple of rescue organizations in New York City, I came here to do an apprenticeship. I've since been teaching private lessons and group classes. The most important and fun aspect of my job is getting involved with families and having a long-term relationship with them and seeing them going from having puppies to having adult dogs who are well-trained and integrated into their family.

Andrea: Andrea Arden Dog Training is located in New York City where we have four locations. We also do in-home privates. You can find out more about us at Now we're going to show you how to teach your dog some really fun tricks.

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