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How to Make an Easy Sugar Paste Flower

Learn how to make an easy sugar paste flower from cake designer Amy Noelle in this Howcast cake decorating tutorial.


A lot of times people ask me how to create a simple sugar flower. So let me show you how. I've created this blossom using three different sizes of the same exact shape and layered them with an ombre effect in three different colors of purple. In order to do that I've added food coloring to gum paste and have rolled it out, then cut it with my three different shaped cutters. So three different sizes of the exact same shape.

The technique of each of these sizes is exactly the same. I want to take my small cutter which I've used in the lightest shade of purple and I want to pinch around the edges just to thin them out ever so slightly. I think it makes for a little bit more of a realistic look when the edges are thinner. The technique that I use is this. If I'm snapping I take my first finger and my thumb and I pinch and roll the edge just pulling the top edge out and pushing the bottom edge under.

If my fingers start to stick I'll load them up with a little bit of powdered sugar on the edge so that they don't stick to the flower. Once I've gone all the way around I want to add this cupped shape so I have a piece of silicone that has cups in it. I can just place that straight in there and allow it to dry over night. I do the exact same thing with the three different sizes, placing them into three different sizes of silicone cups. I allow them to dry overnight and then I'll be able to assemble them the next day.

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